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We work with innovators and changemakers, providing simple, fast and comprehensive engineering services in both hardware and software.


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We build

IoT products - Connected devices

+ Network engineering (Wi-Fi - BLE - LPWAN - 4G - 5G)
+ Firmware and embedded software development
+ PCB design

Physical products - Robotic systems

+ Industrial design and CAD
+ Incremental prototyping
+ Industrialization and sourcing

Digital products - Web / mobile apps

+ UX / UI design
+ Graphical identity
+ Tailor-made websites, apps, SaaS, APIs
+ Cloud architecture and serverless computing
+ Blockchain
+ Machine Learning / AI

Early stage founders

Speed up your progression from concept to market through our adeptness in swift product development.


Drive your expansion by harnessing the capabilities of our exceptional tech team for ambitious projects and accelerated research and development.

SMEs and Corporates

Conducting cutting-edge research and development tailored to the needs of both SMEs and corporates.


Assisting investors and startup studios in conducting vital research and development for the companies they invest in, fostering growth and innovation.

Looking for an R&D team?
Product Design
No product would exist if it wasn't solving or improving something - let's make it simple but excellent!
Product Engineering
All the advertising dollars in the world won't help a bad product, we build functional things that last!
Product Strategy
You need to be confident that your product delivers on its brand promise - and that users will LOVE it!
Set the stage for success with crucial initial workshops. Let us be your guide in this important process.
Elevate your decisions through vital consulting services. Trust us to be your partner in navigating complexities and achieving success.

We help you with digital transformation on the highest level. Kick-start is where technology meets emotions and people to create meaningful experiences.

We provide everything that you need during development

We use the latest technologies and tools to ensure that our solutions are scalable, efficient, and secure.

Perks available $200k+ in free credits and more
Help you raise Pre-seed and Seed for you startup
Assist during the launch period
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Our workshops will make you future-proof.

After years of dedicated experimentation, we have refined the most effective workshop practices to aid you in achieving success for your idea.

Reserve a free 30 minutes workshop!

Our solutions are tailored for you so you can grow fast.

At Kick-start, we comprehend that each business possesses distinct requirements and objectives. Hence, we provide customized solutions meticulously crafted to address the specific demands of every client. This empowers them to thrive and achieve prosperity within the contemporary digital environment.

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Frequently asked questions

Are we a design studio or a digital agency?

Kick-start is not just a design studio and not just a digital agency. We are a cross-discipinary product agency, with skills from design to strategy as well as technical development / engineering.

In which sectors do we operate?

Our extensive knowledge lies within health technology, agricultural technology, Internet of Things (IoT), retail, and travel technology. However, we are also receptive to venturing into new industries.

What kind of products do we do?

Just to give you an idea... We have built drones (aerial and marine) / STEM educational robots / test benches / mobile applications (for HR, mobility, connected devices,...) / marketplaces (for influencers, photographs...) and many more :)

What kind of products we don't do?

We will never work for non-ethical projects. There are some scientific and technical areas we do not cover, such a biology, chemistry, optics and photonics and some others.

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